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BITCOIN BTC is hot!  See my newest post-

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Worth More Than Gold – April 2017 

Bitcoins are worth as much as Gold again!

Wellness and Wealth Builders Group tip: Watch and Hold Ethereum

Ethereum ETH


Ripple XRP

Ripple- The Next Big Crypto??




Chain Coin CHC

Ripple is infrastructure technology that empowers financial institutions to make real-time, cross-border transactions for their customers.

Ripple’s distributed tools and global network enable speed, certainty and reach at a lower settlement cost than previously possible.


Bitcoin vs. Ripple – A RACE to NEW ALL-TIME HIGHS (Bo Polny)

Ripple Coin up 101% target price .10 to .20 or higher ?


Bitcoin Trading

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DASH-  Want to Learn More About DASH?

What is DASH? (less than 2 minutes)
Dash is a form of digital cash. All transactions in Dash are recorded on a public ledger, or “blockchain.” This way, everyone can ensure that the ledger is an accurate an honest account of the currency.

What Is a Blockchain? | DASH School #1
Maybe you saw the word on the cover of The Economist. Or maybe you’ve seen it dropped on Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, or even Wired. Wherever you heard it, it probably wasn’t explained to you very well. Let Amanda B. Johnson introduce you to the concept without using technical jargon or buzzwords in episode one of Dash School.

How Does a Blockchain Work? | DASH School #2
So now you get the basics of what a blockchain is — but how does it do what we say it does? Who gets to “write” to it, when, and why? How is a blockchain different from a good ol’ fashioned database? Amanda B. Johnson takes you there in episode two of Dash School.
How Can a Blockchain Be a Monetary System? | DASH School #3
You now understand the basics of a blockchain and how it functions — now what does that have to do with money? What is this business about blockchain networks being able to natively offer both currency and payments? Amanda B. Johnson explains in episode three of Dash School.

DASH MINING IS HERE!  By Invitation Only!

Dash Crypto Currency

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We are finally ready and able to mine DASH another hugely popular and interesting crypto currency that has a growing community of fans worldwide. Bitcoin is still the ‘IBM’ of crypto coins, but that does not mean we ignore the ‘Apple’ and ‘Hewlett Packards’ of crypto coins! They are all part of a growing shift to DECENTRALIZED blockchain applications for the exchange of value as well and much more to come, like how might decentralize the internet completely.
So, paying attention to cryptos like DASH, ETHER, and SAFECOIN, etc. adds diversity to your ‘crypto’ investing and should allow you to take advantage of the growth of these other cryptos in their infancy. You may have missed the boat with Bitcoin at 8 cents, $8, $80, or even $800. But, these other cryptos are just at the beginning of their journey and we may see similar explosive growth with one or more of these cryptos mentioned above, if not all.
With DASH the equipment we need will cost $60,000. So, we won’t be building it up with 2 CORES. We are going for the whole QUAD on day one.
So, here are the details:
  • Units Available: 200
  • Price per Unit: $300
  • Premium Members Only
  • Order Form Opens Once Interest is Sufficient
  • Same profit split and referral compensation as Bitcoin Mining (45% of gross mining revenue, 10% of what your first level referrals mine and 5% of what your second level referrals mine)

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Ethereum-Information Coming Soon!