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Welcome to my website. This is a little bit about me and my life.

My Name is Ken Kinstle. I am the owner of Kinstle and Sons Services and Wellness and Wealth Builders. I am also an active member of the Black Hills TriVita Team.

I spent most of my teen age years in the deserts of California, Ridgecrest California. In 2000 I moved to Rapid City South Dakota from Ridgecrest the High Desert in California. What a difference in terrain and people! One of the reasons I moved to South Dakota was that I had been reading about the Sturgis Rally for twenty years and never had made it the the legendary Black Hills Classic, so here I am! I am a husband, father and more importantly a Dad. I am first a Christian and also a avid hard core biker. I love to ride! I started riding motorcycles when I was nine and have never looked back.

I was previously in construction my whole life as my Father was a contractor also. I am a master carpenter, a ceramic tile craftsman. I still do some contracting here in South Dakota from time to time as I love to be creative and build interesting projects. Our business, Kinstle and Sons Services was formed from my desire to get out of being trapped in the construction trades my whole life. I built our business Kinstle and Sons Services performing mortgage field services, property preservation, mortgage inspections, insurance loss inspections, loss control inspections and other like services.

For ten years I have tried to build additional online businesses that would produce a residual income, with little success until 2009. In 2009 I started working with a nutraceutical company, sharing wellness and our business with people. Slowly by helping people experience wellness and a better quality of life, I have built a monthly residual income doing something I love. Going forward into 2015 we are transitioning from doing preservation and field service work. I am still involved in doing inspection work as I like to be out and about. I also enjoy doing small custom building projects from time to time, to spark my creative nature. I have found a higher purpose though, to help others hear the Good News and experience wellness.

Our business, Wellness and Wealth Builders is helping people every day experience wellness with ultra quality products. I hope you discover your life purpose as we have. It has made a huge difference in our families health, and life changing to many people I know personally. I am honored to work with this company exclusively and I share their vision to bring wellness to the world. If you are interested in our TriVita Wellness Business give me a call or send me a message. I would be glad to answer your questions!

I am involved with the leadership of the Black Hills TriVita Team as we help others to experience wellness and help others develop wealth for their life purposes. I am now a director with TriVita and enjoying life helping others everyday. I still enjoy being a Dad, became a Grandpa in 2010 and love to ride every chance I get!

2015 Our businesses continue to grow and help other people.  We now have seven grandchildren and two more on the way. What a blessing!

Learn more about our online TriVita wellness business.


I am fulfilling my life purpose to “Bring the Good News and Wellness to the World and Helping Others Develop Wealth To Fulfill Their Life Purposes.” Life is too short not to live it to the fullest!

You are invited to contact me with any questions                                                                            (605) 389-3536 or ken@wellnessandwealthbuilders.com

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