Building an online business or additional income stream can be daunting!

I have learned a lot of skills and methods since coming into internet marketing and the social media world. I am not ashamed to say I have had a lot of failures but also have had a small degree of success. I have found a number of genuine ways people like you, ordinary people, can make money from home online.


Most of my online successes came from direct sales, in the health and wellness niche. At one point I had 21 web properties developed. I am still available today to assist my loyal customers from those early years. I have discontinued the 21 web properties I was working on by late 2016. It just became over whelming trying to keep sites fresh, updated and current, another lesson learned..focus in.

In March of 2019, I decided to develop one web site to combine all that has been a success in one spot, Welcome to my website at KenKinstle.Com

My Story

I am a business owner, and entrepreneur. I am the founder of Wellness and Wealth Builders. I am always working to help others with their personal wellness or building their legacy income.

My wife, Gina and I in Hawaii

You will find me sometimes in the lead or sometimes in the group serving and learning how to serve better. Always helping others create new ways to wellness and success and having fun doing it. If you would like to know more, scroll down to contact me. “Keep the sun on your neck and the wind at your back and ride until the sun goes down.”​

Ken and Gina Kinstle
My wife Gina and I at a direct sales convention in Scottsdale Arizona

I live in The beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. I have lived here since 2000 when I moved to Rapid City South Dakota from Ridgecrest, the High Desert in California. What a difference in terrain and people! One of the reasons I moved to South Dakota was that I had been reading about the Sturgis Rally for twenty years and never had made it to the legendary Black Hills Classic, so here I am! I am a husband, father and more importantly a Dad.

Ken (Rags) Kinstle Doing What I Love- Riding Motorcycles!

I am first a Christian and also a avid hard core biker. I love to ride! I have been in construction my whole life as my Father was a contractor also. I am a master carpenter, a ceramic tile craftsman. I am still involved in the construction industry here in South Dakota.

Our online business endeavor, Wellness and Wealth Builders continues to grow. The people that I have met here in the Black Hills are great. I plan on staying around for a while… I may be missing in the winter time though! I have been busy building recession proof business online! I am very active in Social Media and helping people employ the power of social networking for their business marketing.

Wellness and Wealth Builders is a Global Company

Welcome to a whole new world of opportunity, rewards and satisfaction! Our goal at Wellness and Wealth Builders is to help people everywhere achieve greater wellness – both in their physical lives as well as their financial ones. As a pioneering global company, we’ve created a unique opportunity where individuals like you can benefit financially by simply sharing this vision and mission with others.

Talking with our team at direct sales convention in Oahu Hawaii

Wellness and Wealth Builders

I look forward to speaking with you and will make the time to help you go forward.

Here is a little more about my experience…

  • 9 Years Experience Wellness and Wellness Business Coaching
  • 9 Years Experience in Direct Marketing
  • 11 Years of Social Media and Website Management Experience
  • 13 Years of Property Preservation Experience
  • 10 Years of Insurance Loss Inspection Experience
  • 25 Plus Years of Commercial and Residential Construction Experience
  • 12 Years Small Business Management

Services Offered:

  1. Crypto Currency Coaching and Managing Services
  2. Social Media and Website Management
  3. Network Marketing Training
  4. Wellness Business Coaching
  5. Residential, Commercial and Insurance Inspections

Specialties: Crypto Currency, Social Media Management and Relationships, Website Management, Wellness Coaching, Network Marketing Coaching, Direct Marketing Coaching,

My Mission

I am always working to help others with their personal wellness or building their legacy income. I strive to add value and a laugh to all who I contact. I aspire to be a servant to all and Glorify my creator!

My Approach to Help You

I have learned that my skills and passions are not the same as every body else. To help people and truly serve people, I learn from them about their passions, goals and skill sets. From this first meeting I tailor make a plan to improve their wellness and/or wealth building capabilities.

Thanks for checking out my site and learning a little about me. How can I help you?

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How Can I Help You?

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