Bitcoin And Crypto Currency News June 2019 When is BITCOIN Going to Crash?

Cryptocurrency News for June 2019 When is BITCOIN Going to Crash? Watch the video to find out my personal recommendations for the top HOT cryptocurrencies this month!

I believe a monetary system that is , first decentralized, secondly available to every one globally and lastly allows you to transfer money anywhere on the globe is far superior. I will go out on a limb here and say crypto currency is here to stay and will eventually become the money of the future!

  1. BTC Bitcoin (of course) it is soaring now!
  2. BNB Binance Coin
  3. ETH Ethereum
  4. BCH Bitcoin Cash
  5. BAT Basic Attention Token
  6. MONA MonaCoin
  7. LINK Chainlink

My message is this “Buy Crypto Currency” Now! The prices we see today will be a thing of ancient history in ten years. Start with a little bit, $5.00 a week. Whatever you can spare but start today!
Thanks for checking out my crypto currency news!

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You can also store your Crypto currencies on a secure exchange, a good method is to stores no more than 1/3 of your overall holding is on any one exchange, 1/3 in a cold wallet and the rest on a different exchange then you should be ok.