Cryptocurrency News- Is Bitcoin Going to Crash?

May 26, 2019 7:20 pm MT

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Today while looking into cryptocurrency charts, I was actually watching when BTC, Bitcoin jumped by nearly 600.00 in a few short minutes. I quickly moved some crypto assets into BTC, just to watch it settle back down yet again.

Yet is still gaining at 1:25 am UTC seen in this screenshot below..

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I remember in 2016 when I finally took the crypto plunge. My mentor had been telling me about Bitcoin for quite a few months. I though”how cute, digital toy money”

I wish I had acted sooner… I was able to make some deposits and going into 2017’s bull market, I was very glad I listened.

Bitcoin and crypto as a whole has grown some… as we enter June 2019 I believe we are going to see large gains as BTC, Bitcoin goes mainstream. When companies like Ameritrade are producing videos about Bitcoin, things are about to get real!

In closing, to answer the question “Will Bitcoin crash?” .. I do not think we will ever see 3500.00 BTC again. Bitcoin BTC is here to stay and going mainstream..

Traders weigh in on what this pump means and where Bitcoin is going next

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1 WAVES 39 7.79%

2 TRX 37 6.57%

3 NEO 30 4.87%

4 ADA 26 2.21%

5 LOOM 26 5.79%

6 ETC 24 6.48%

7 BLZ 23 5.42%

8 CMT 22 5.58%

9 NANO 20 4.86%

10 AGI 19 7.77%

11 MCO 19 11.25%

12 XRP 18 7.55%

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