Enough is Enough Already! Is the Election 2020 in America Legit?

Republican or Democrat, Black or White, Old or Young ; it doesn’t matter. The American people want a fair election. (comment your thoughts below)

Yes we all have different view points, goals and ideals. I get that. I do believe that the citizens of The United States of America want a fair accurate election. This is what our country is founded upon..

My name is Ken Kinstle. I live in Rapid City South Dakota USA

Yes, you probably will label me as a conservative.. Let us forget that for a few minutes, I am an American… I am a businessman, construction worker that loves Jesus, and riding motorcycles.

The truth is that I have ignored politics all of my life.. till now. The truth is this is the first year I have voted! Yes this is true! I have always let politics handle themselves, usually seemed like picking the lesser of two evils. At least that is how I thought about it, can you relate..

2020 seems different though, remember I am an American. I love and enjoy the freedoms that I take for granted. At least I have in the past..

I voted this year because it is a clear choice of the America I know and love or ushering in a more socialized America. An America that resembles other socialist countries ( name one socialist or communist country you want to live in below)

Whether your values and goals are the same as mine, or completely different, I think as a true American you would want your proposed candidate to win legally and fairly. The candidate should win because the majority of the country wants tier leadership and values to prevail..

Is the Election 2020 in America Legit?

No matter your party or values, watch this and decide for yourself is this how you want to win?

America Decides 2020: Rudy Giuliani vows Trump team will fight ‘crooked’ election results | 7NEWS Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani says he will fight the election result in Pennsylvania, citing the “crooked machine of Philadelphia” as a key reason Trump is not winning the vote count. He also falsely claimed, and without evidence, that Philadelphia had a reputation for voter fraud and allowing dead to vote

Do you not as an American, Democrat or Republican want to know the truth?


Its Not Just Me Folks!