Gambling on Success?

Are you just Gambling on Success? Will You Win or Lose?
So do you like craps roulette and blackjack? Maybe you do, if you are like me you are not attracted to gambling. In some ways network marketing to the majority of people can be just as inviting and tempting as gambling.. Let me explain, the promise of quick easy money, the addiction of the process, the spending of much money trying to hit the big one. Sound familiar? Network marketing is a profession, not a make money easy and quick opportunity.

I think many fail because they try network marketing instead of learning the skills of the profession.


Are you gambling that network marketing will make you wealthy? The truth is that this profession has made many millionaires and is capable of making you the money that you need for a legacy. A financial legacy for your family is possible, like you were hoping  for, if you quit gambling!
Are you hoping the right company, timing and product will make you a over night fortune. While these things are very important, to see how important you can read my last blog post titled
 It is true that vision, mission, great leadership, timing, an amazing product, a great compensation plan, a system to acquire and follow up with customers, your desire and persistence are critical elements of a highly successful network marketing business.
Without these elements you are doomed to starting over at least before you begin. Lets take it one step farther though, the most critical piece of the puzzle is you… have you been gambling with your financial future?
Are you gambling on success in network marketing? Are you just hoping that the latest business you joined will finally be the one that brings you the income you need?
The great product that your company sells that is undoubtedly better than sliced bread, are you hoping and praying that enough people will buy this fantastic product from you and make you the income you need.. Lets stop gambling, would you really roll the dice to decide your families future and financial outcome years from now? Yet many people do..
Many people are , they are gambling, throwing the dice that the latest program or fantastic product will cause them to be successful, let me be blunt it wont!
Lets face the facts.. Network marketing is more than a industry, it is a profession.
The people that have made millions of dollars and more with the network marketing profession are skilled trained and seasoned professionals. It was not chance, a gamble or a roll of the dice that took them to a pinnacle of success in our great profession. It was the development of skills. The same skills that you will need to be a success. The result and amount of your income will be determined by the ratio of your skills and the action that you take, not your company, not your team… you!
The reason 95% of people fail and quit network marketing is because they are gambling on success. They are not spending their time building their skills. They will try something, lets take blogging for example. The start a blog, get the blog looking nice, add some links, a great opt in form. They will spend many hours learning the skills it takes to do this, or pay to have it done. They will start posting excited as can be in the beginning then over the weeks and months to come, the excitement may wear off why? Because successful blogging for network marketing takes skills and a lot of skills. Just like network marketing blogging takes skills and a lot of hard work. Think how many MLM and network marketing people are blogging and competing for the public’s attention, thousands and maybe more. To be successful it takes skills, copy writing skills, syndication skills, traffic acquiring skills. None of this come over night. Think of the most successful bloggers that you know of they spent years developing their craft, learning their profession and building their skills.
How many people do you see start a Facebook page with exuberance and excitement! Then over a period of time their excitement dwindles and so do the status updates. They have been trying this and it just doesn’t work, look I only have 75 likes and they are all my friends.. No Facebook marketing takes skills and skills take time and studying to master. Because we all know clearly that Facebook marketing does work! You just have to learn and apply the skills necessary to make it work well..
The five percent that make money, an over abundance of money in the network marketing profession have spent the time building their skills and are learning and refining their skills every day.
I might add are these people have made network marketing their profession. Network marketing can be done part time and you will earn a part time income, it can be done as a hobby and you will earn a hobby income. Only if you are determined to make network marketing your profession, your full time profession will you make a professional network marketers income.
So to be at the top of any profession it takes skills, the more skills that a professional has the more success they will have. make sense? Quit gambling on success! Get real with yourself and  make network marketing your profession and learn the skills that it requires. What skills do you have now? What skills do you need to work on?
The beautiful thing is that once you have developed the skills it takes to be over overwhelmingly successful at network marketing,
NO ONE can take them away. They are yours!
No company, no sponsor, no team no lazy down lines, because you will have the skills it takes and have quit gambling on your success years ago.. These skills will seriously alter your life and business forever. What skills do you have now? What skills do you need to work on? Want to find out?
Take this simple 3 minute quiz now to see how you measure up and what you can do to build the skills that you need to succeed..

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