How do you find Cryptocurrencies with a Possible One Thousand X Return in 2020

HUB EX Airdrop

HubEX,#1st UKBased Crypto Exchange under the banner of #EDOME network giving away BiggestAirdrop ever worth of 5 Million GBP to 100k participants 50 GBP each.

To participate in airdrop click on the link

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Bitcoin classic (BXC):

Rating: 5/10
Valdity: will be announce here
est. earning: 128 BXC c(~$ 6.50)

Allows users to build websites based on smartcontracts
Grab up to 128 BXC coins
Already tradable

Setup guide:

1) Click this link
2) Login with twitter or email

3) Do the given task.

Snapex airdrop (SNAP):
Rating: 6/10
Validity: Until further notice
Est earning: NA

SNAPEX Is a margin trading exchange, where you can earn some SNAP (POINTS) and convert in USDT.
10,000 SNAP = 100$

Setup guide:
1) Sign up here
2) Join their Telegram

? Telegram Reward ?

?You can get 500 SNAP by joining our Telegram group and following our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
? Please fill in the form here:
⚠️ Attention:
500 SNAP will be distributed in 7 working days.
? 500 SNAP will be distributed in 7 working days ?

3) Go to Fund details > SNAP
Login it daily to colllect SNAP
4) Give feedback to earn 1000 SNAP TOKEN
HOMT aims to provide a centralized market place for Student’s Rental Accommodation Industry, a one-stop solution using blockchain,
AI, Big Data and Smart contracts thereby un leasing the unexplored potential of nearly 6.23 million students studying in
USA, NA & Europe between 2020-2023 translating into 900 million Euro opportunity.

YouTube Alternative..
Quit getting censored and make cryptocurrency watching videos!

Download and Sign up for an account$/invite/@mrken777:c

Input “youtube-exodus” code under custom code

Rewards eligibility?

To be eligible for LBRY Rewards, you must:

Download and Sign up for an account$/invite/@mrken777:c

Pre Search
Get Paid in Cryptocurrency to Search

When you search, you will be rewarded with Presearch’s PRE crypto tokens.
These tokens can be used to buy services, or traded for other cryptocurrencies.
Keyword Staking for Search Engine Ads

The Coin Journal @TheCoinJournal3

Vision: To drive 1 Billion People across the world by 2024 (before the next bitcoin halving)
to understand, use, and earn from cryptocurrencies
Mission: To be the one-stop point where you can earn daily while reading about cryptocurrencies #thecoinjournal
Anyone can become a member from anywhere in the world. We provide a complete enlightening, educative and engaging platform for everyone. As a FREE USER, you can visit the platform to read blockchain and cryptocurrency news, engaging with the content, but you will not have earning ability.

While as a PREMIUM MEMBER, you earn money from referring your friends and performing activities on the platform.

How can I become a PREMIUM MEMBER?
To become a PREMIUM MEMBER, all you have to do is to create an account using this link: Create Account, filling in the required information.

Make a one-time payment of $5 in BTC/ETH/USDT for your Coupon Code. On activation of your account with your Coupon Code, you become a PREMIUM MEMBER with earning abilities.

You earn $0.01 for every featured post you like.
You earn $0.04 for every featured post you comment on.
You earn $0.15 for every featured post you share.
You earn $2.5 for every user that creates an account with your affiliate link.
Click Here to create an account, and start earning go to

UCrowdMe (UCM) project

?Earn up to 500 UCM (~$25) for easy social tasks and
50 UCM (~$2.5) for every validated friend you refer.?
?Learn how our airdrop hunters can earn up to 500 UCM tokens
with an estimated value of 25 USD for completing some easy social media tasks.
♨️You can also earn an additional 50 UCM tokens for each of your referrals

Crypto Energy New Airdrop
?Earn 200 APP Now?

My favorite platform for passive crypto income!
How do you earn for free at MyCointainer?

  1. Use MyCointainer Exchange for a random bonus- $RPD or $EXCL
  2. Use MyCointainer Power for monthly #giveaways
  3. Use MyCointainer Power for free coins every month- $DIVI, $COLX $EXCL
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Top 5 Crypto Currency Picks for June 2020 (Altcoins to Buy Now for Huge Returns)

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