Isn’t Bitcoin BTC a Scam?

I know we hear this all the time… isn’t Bitcoin a scam or pyramid scheme?

When talking to friends and coworkers, trying to get them interested in digital currency, this is a common response!

Argh! Stay the course, why? The short version is that Bitcoin was the first digital currency that is controlled by the consensus of the people, not by our crooked government and greedy politicians!

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We are part of the early adopters that believe and understand the benefits of crypto currency and blockchain.

Look at this article-

Bitcoin to be accepted across 20,000 retailers in Venezuela

So real earning comes a little tiny bit at a time friends..

A few updates..

1. The Stake Needy Coin site has been down for a few days. They announced a day for scheduled maintenance on 05-14-2020. The website is not working still.. bummer Stake Needy Coin-

2. I have started using Crypto Tab’s boosted earning feature. on 05-03-2020 I purchased the $5.00 boost.

As of 13 days later, the earnings are right around $6.10 Looks like it will be worth the extra boost!

Remember- So real earning comes a little tiny bit at a time friends..

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Ok now Item number three has probably made me more than any other crypto stream friends..

3. Brave Browser.. It is simple! I LOVE Brave browser. Install it, enable earning, click on the ads and collect BAT

I have Brave browser running on at least three machines and two smart devices…

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