Network Marketing is Not a Spectator Sport!


Real Success is All about Taking Action

One of my favorite quotes are “Action is the foundational key to all success” This quote is credited to Pablo Picasso. How true is this?

We are surrounded and inundated with new information each day. I am sure you will agree with me that network marketing via the internet is the most powerful way to reach millions of people. Every day we are bombarded with new offers, strategies and methods to build our blogs, websites and splash pages. Buy the killer system to build your business, get this latest tool, read this article, watch my video.. well you know the drill.

The amount of information is overwhelming; in fact that is where many people are at in their online marketing… overwhelmed!

I believe ninety percent or more of people trying to make money on the internet through network marketing, MLM or direct sales are in information over load! There is not enough time to process even a small percentage of the information presented long enough take action on it. There is so much to read, learn and take action on.

Why are some people more successful than others? They are action takers! Let us look at the examples of highly successful network marketers, old school networkers. The old guard that take their business to people one at a time or, belly to belly I have heard it told. They didn’t spend eight hours a day every day finding and changing their conversation scripts. They did not become giants in their companies by spending hours a day talking about the weather with people on the phone. The men and women that tower in network marketing, MLM and direct sales spent most of their time taking action. Using the tools, scripts and methods given to them. Successful network marketing, MLM, and direct sales people use the majority of their precious time putting their business in front of people.

Ken and Gina Kinstle
My wife Gina and I at a direct sales convention

Isn’t it different today? You have joined us that believe that the internet is the most powerful way to connect with many people. That is why you are reading this post.. you believe and know that there is a huge opportunity laying before you. No in fact it is tougher today. It is tougher to keep your attention focused on the important tasks. It is tougher in that you have to keep the blinders on to the hundreds of seemingly good opportunities that will pass by your eyes every day. It is more difficult because there are a thousand ways to market on the internet and if you are like me you have tried 998 of them.

Money is not made by researching and learning the newest SEO techniques, Facebook marketing methods or looking at the pretty pictures on Pintrest. Money is made in this business by taking action and connecting with people. Yes you should utilize and learn new techniques, but this in your skill building time. Success comes from taking action on a specific marketing method until you become proficient at it. Many times the problem is, you are trying many different things, none of them seem to work for you. If you will focus on one and take action until you have success.

Talking with our team at direct sales convention in Oahu Hawaii

Skills are necessary and there is a learning curve to internet marketing. It takes an amount of time to develop some skills and find a method that works for you. I have found that the key to successful action is discipline. I try to stay up on all the latest methods and techniques. I limit this though, the real action that counts is implementing the techniques that you already have and get your business in front of people that may be interested.

Is action the foundational key to success? Yes taking action on proven methods is a foundational key to your success. Use online marketing methods that will build relationships and get your business in front of interested people is one of your most powerful foundational keys to success.

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