Network Marketing Success- Do You Have What It Takes?

Quit buying the latest program or shiny object that promises you quick success.. quit now! None of them have worked.. why is that?


If you are anything like me you have been working trying to build an income online. You have purchased programs, webinairs, gadgets and information products to enhance your business and help you to succeed.

This is how my whole quest started years ago. I purchased an information product from Shawn Casey that laid out the whole information product system and had an affiliate program. I learned a lot and started my quest, did I become wealthy soon after? Sad to say no.. I did not.

I searched and worked, bought information, went through a couple different mlm and network programs in a few years.. I never really made but a few sales. Sound familiar?

It all changed when I did one thing, yes one thing.

This one thing was the first item Shawn Casey shared with me… but I got side tracked with Twitter, Facebook and 16 other really cool things that could boost my business… it probably resonates with you also.


Well three things..

  • a working phone
  • a pen
  • a piece of paper

Take these three things, tools that I know you have and do the one thing that makes a million dollars every year! Build your list!

Building a list on its own didn’t work yet for me because I got distracted… It started working years ago when I remembered this…

Build a List and Take Consistent Daily Action

I learned this in our health and wellness business, when I built a list. It works if you take consistent daily action. This is what the heavy hitters do, my friends. Every day we make contacts and build the list.

I am not in the wellness business, travel business or crypto business any more..


I am not in the wellness business, I am a professional list builder. Every successful network marketer IS A PROFESSIONAL LIST BUILDER!


Thats right because you have heard it and like me you know it is true..

The Money is in the List

That is what you have.. you just have to discipline yourself and take consistent daily action. I know I lost a few folks right there, but the truth is the truth.

No new programs, gadgets, widgets, social media blitzes. Just consistent daily action building your list. The beauty of this golden nugget I reminded you of, is that it works for every business. Every company. Every brick and mortar company.

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