This is a Great Vacation!

Have You Ever Been on a Cruise Ship?

Almost everyone that talks about their cruise vacation would love to go again! Imagine being able to do this at a fraction of the cost…

My wife and I have a goal to go on a cruise vacation! We have been to Hawaii and other mainland destinations but are excited to try the cruise vacation route. We found a invitation-only vacation cruise club like a “Costco for Cruises”.

In short, with this membership you can book any cruise ship from any provider available in the world and receive a huge reduction in price over and above the offered price through their exclusive membership.  So, If you have ever planned to take your family on a cruise vacation and would like to do it for much less than what everyone else on the boat is paying….See the short video below for details:

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Even people that I talk to that have not went on a cruise (like us) would love to and are excited about setting a goal to vacation on a cruise ship. How much fun is that? This is the cruise we are looking at-

Would You Like To Cruise for Even Less?

To make it even more interesting, they have an optional program for folks that have family or friends they might like to travel with allowing you to receive a free membership once you refer 5 others to the membership. There is no requirement to share this with anyone, but if you do…you can have a free membership. See link below for details on their Partner/Membership offer:

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Cruise for Less

We naturally, chose the partner/membership and you are one of the folks I chose to share this info with. We hope you find this membership to be of as much value as we have. If you like, you can get your membership by clicking the link below:

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Contact me with the form below if you have any additional questions before grabbing a membership