Three Ways to Use Facebook to Find New Friends and Quality Prospects

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Make some friends,  it is a snap. Building your business by building relationships on Facebook is simple and straight forward. While this is not the quickest way to build, remember this method of building your business is not instant, it may take some time.
Let me ask you this.
  • Do you need to bring fresh people into your business?
  • Do you need more leads this year?
  • Watch this video and learn how Art Jonak makes friends..


What does next year hold for you?

It is absolutely true that if you do not change things, everything will remain the same.These are good goals and targets to reach if you want to grow your business this year with Facebook. Making five to ten new connections a day on Facebook, with quality people. At least five days a week.

Locating the perfect prospect

Look for groups that will have the “perfect prospect” First use the magic search box and look for groups that have positive characteristics. Here are some examples Robert Kiyosaki’s fanpage, Tony Robbins fanpage, Jim Rohn, Local Real Estate and other quality positive groups. Look for people that like financial gains, like network marketing, are positive and may be looking for ways to make money or build a business..

Read the comments on the wall posts and look for someone that is positive. Find and target people that are qualified, can spell and that you might want to work with. Look for these characteristics. Again look for people that are positive. Don’t choose extremely long commentators, they are disgruntled or have to much time on their hands. Find people that show an indication of openness. The perfect people to build a relationship can be professionals, people that are qualified, already hard workers.

There’s this age-old problem with selling: If we could only get more people to pay attention to us, we could build relationships that lead to sales…..

How to successfully “sell” with social media by getting to know the right people and starting up a conversation that might go somewhere.”

Curated from 8 Ways to Successfully Sell Using Social Media | Social Media Examiner

Make a real connection with people

This is not a quick process, start and take your time because this part is critical. Send each prospect an individual personal message, take the time to make it personal. Read your prospects profile and pictures and make a connection. Ask them questions, like you would a brand new person that you have met. After you have sent them a message send a friend request with a unique message. Ask them what they do!

How to approach them with your business, or better yet get them to approach you!

Ask a few questions, make it personal and don’t lead with a pitch! After they reply ask them what they do even if you know from their profile, most will tell you and ask what you do. Give a short interesting answer and move on.. Don’t give the pitch or the speech here either.Just your short elevator speech about your business. mine is this ” I work with a 13 year old nutricuetical company………………” The goal is to make them curious and get them to talk about their problem or difficulties now. Ask them what their problem is with their current situation and then provide a solution.


This is a great question as you are helping them, “How will I know if someone that I am talking to would be a good client/prospect for you?” This lets them know you are on their side and intend to help them. DON’T send a link unless asked, it will not work! Your profile is important. Don’t talk too much about your business, post exciting things that are about your business but not too much. Post motivational quotes, pictures ect Be interesting! When someone signs up post a update on your wall, your wall, like “Welcome John (tagged), a real estate broker from South Dakota to our TriVita team!” This motivates your team also! The way to approach your business. The key is to find out what they struggle with! Find out their problems and provide a solution, be the expert, the authority, not a know it all but someone that has a solution is always considered a good friend.

If you approach them with a attitude of helping them, provide them solutions.

Then when you have provided some value ask them” From what you are telling me, I wanted to ask you if you would be open to look at what I do, id so I could send you some information, if not no big deal” Don’t act desperate for a sign up even if you are! DO NOT SEND them a link unless they ask or say it is ok.  Make sure you provide value and ask them but make it no big deal. Connect with them on the telephone.

You can just ask them their phone number, make sure the connection is ready for this step. A great tactic is give them your phone number and ask for theirs and say”Could you give me yours, I like to know who is calling me.” Ask them if it is alright to chat about some solutions  to their problems and when would be the best time.

FOLLOW UP AND CALL when you say you were going to!!! Critical!

How to turn things around when people are approaching you with their business. You have to learn how to turn the people around because the most of them will be sending you a pitch. Thank them for connecting with you and ask them “how this tactic is working for them on Facebook” Just ask them because most likely it is not working…

Then ask them about what they are doing and explain that have experience online. I would be glad to help you as I specialize in social media marketing and I could you use some marketing tips.  Find out the problem because what they are doing isn’t working. Have solutions. Make yourself an authority and ask them how long have you been doing this? Find their weakness, show a little of their lack of success and then give them a solution.

Do not do much more than this 5-10 a day is all you want to do, this will take 30-60 minutes a day to research and make personal messages to these people.

As you continue it will take a little more time because you will be replying to those you have contacted in the last weeks and closing people into your primary business. DO NOT send more than this as over ten a day Facebook might flag you and you risk getting your account shut down. Five to ten a day is safe. This is fine. Beware you will get critics and people that are negative, just ignore them..


Send only 5-10 messages and friend requests a day and see what this does. Follow the steps  and you will find out that making new friends and finding quality prospects on Facebook is easy, free and fun!

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